Shower Doors Do Not Choose Origin. Here The Tips!

The bathroom is arguably the room that needs special treatment, including the selection of the door. The small size and damp conditions make the selection of bathroom doors a bit challenging. In order not to choose the wrong, there are several things that should be considered. Is choosing the shower doors so important? Of course!

That is why, before choosing the right bathroom door first consider the following six tips.

1 Choosing the Right Material for Bathroom Doors

Choosing a wooden door can expand and bend over time because of the high humidity of the bathroom. Better to choose a material made of metal or fibreglass to ward off the problem. This becomes very important, especially if your bathroom has poor ventilation.

2 Consider the Direction of Closing the Door

Not only small, the configuration in the bathroom is so dense that you need to choose the right direction to close the door. This affects the installation of sills, hinges, to door handles. Do not let the door closes to cover the position of the cabinet and other objects in the bathroom.

Installation of bathroom doors also should not cover mirrors or windows. If you have made several options but many are blocked by the door, choose a design that can be opened by sliding it!

Besides being not complicated, this type of door also saves space.

3 Choosing a Bathroom Door with a Frame Set

Choosing a pre-hung unit makes it easy to install the door in the bathroom. This unit is made from a door that has been installed on the frame so that it becomes a set.

4 Comparing Bathroom Door Design Options

Door with six panels are very common but on the other hand, there are dozens of door designs available to choose from. If you choose steel or fibreglass materials, for example, embossed design options to mimic doors are some interesting options.

5 Choosing Door Finishing

Various types of doors that are sold on the market are available in polished or unfinished form. When you buy a painted door, you can generally get a longer warranty.

The fibreglass shower door is an exception. Doors made of plastic-like material are generally already shaped in such a way that they do not require finishing.

The colour to the hues and pictures on the door was already stuck and can not be replaced.

So, what kind of bathroom door would you like to choose?

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