Caring for Your Window Tint

Window tint application on the car seems to be inseparable. Various brands are present in the market with the quality and strengths of each, even many distributors have provided aftersales services or a warranty of 5 to 10 years. But whatever the brand the main function of all types of window tint is to reduce the entry of ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun that will cause excessive heat in the car cabin. You can get the best window tint by visiting Whip Window Tinting.

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Despite the warranty, of course, car windows that have been coated with film still need to get extra attention so that the condition of the film coating on the windshield still has a condition that is always good and clear so it does not interfere with the view from inside the car cabin, especially for the driver. Here are some easy tips for caring for car window tint:

Keep the glass clean
Set to always maintain the cleanliness of the glass that has been given a layer of film. You should make it a habit to immediately clean the windshield after using the car on a very dusty road by using clean water first or a special cleaning liquid for the glass, keep in mind also, choose liquids that are not abrasive, such as compounds or materials containing soda or detergent because tint window coatings can be damaged if exposed to these materials, then dry the glass with a cloth or soft cloth such as Chamois cloth to avoid the fine scratches on the tint window.

Avoid from the sun
We recommend that you avoid parking the car from the blazing sun in a long time because the sun in the long term can cause the color to fade in the tint-based tint (ink dipping) window.

Avoid carrying objects that can damage the glass
Try to bring objects that can not damage the window tint like objects that have sharp angles, such as forcing to insert objects that have more capacity than the car so it is difficult to put in the car, etc. A small or large portion of the window tint exfoliates allows the glass to widen more damage.

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