Remove Stains From Tiles Easily

Tiles are often applied to modern buildings. Selected as one of the materials to coat several surfaces of the house, such as floors, walls, and kitchen spaces. The main reason why tiles are in great demand because besides being easy to clean, the presence of ceramic pattern variants is enough to make it multifunctional. For example, special ceramic tile patterns for rooms, terraces, bathrooms, and others. However, if there is dirt attached to the floor, then to remove the dirt or stain is needed in its way, so that more quickly cleaned or it could leave a stain that will be hard to remove. If there are stains on the floor it could make it look dull, but do not worry because you could use tile cleaning north shore service to make it shine again best carpet cleaner.

But if the stain is recent you do not have to panic, for the sake of making it easier for you to treat it while cleaning the surface of the ceramic floor, just use natural ingredients as a cleaner. Lemon water and vinegar are one of the ingredients that we often encounter at home. In addition to its function as a cooking spice, it turns out the mixture of these two ingredients is quite effective as a floor cleaning agent. Mix vinegar and lemon water into warm water, put the mixture in a spray bottle, spray it evenly to the surface of the floor then rub the ceramic floor using ordinary cloth or mop.

Or you could use hot water and detergent to avoid staining on your tiles. If the ceramic floor is only filled with stains from drinks such as coffee or tea, then try using hot water mixed with detergent as a floor cleaner. That is enough to wipe the floor with a cloth dipped in the mixture. Of course, this method can help clean the floor stains. But if the stains persist, then you need to call professional tile cleaning service.

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