There Are Several Ways To Open Hard Pipe Connections

Efforts to disconnect pipes from one pipe to another are indeed quite difficult. Therefore, many people are frustrated because they have tried so many times that they choose to cut the pipe with a saw. However, actually you can disconnect it in another way. Apart from that, if you need the best plumber to repair your pipe, you can call the most trusted plomeros en monterrey.

Here are several ways that you can try:

The way with Wind Oil

Who would have thought wind oil could be an alternative to open a connection from a pipe. You can disconnect from any brand of wind oil. The trick is not difficult. First, put wind oil in the connection between the hard pipes. Then leave it for five to ten minutes.

Gently tap using the small hammer right at the connection that was opened. If it still feels hard you should do it by opening and closing. It is intended that the drat is not damaged. If it is open, double-check the defects of the pipe joints while cleaning the threads on the pipes. Its function is that when closing again, the drat is not worn or damaged.

The method with boiling water

The second way to open a pipe connection is to boil water until it boils. Hot temperatures can make things easily expand so that they are bigger than their original size. You can put the hot water in a pot or whatever container is hot.

So that the pipe diameter becomes larger, please soak for about 5 minutes. After that, try pulling both ends of the pipe firmly. Repeat this step until the pipe has been removed. Just disconnect the PVC from the bond if the water temperature is really hot.

The way with eucalyptus oil

First, apply eucalyptus oil to the surface of the PVC pipe that you want to disconnect. Eucalyptus oil must coat each part of the connection evenly, including the sidelines. Then gently pull the pipe until it’s released. Eucalyptus oil is very effective in removing glue so that the pipes can loose from each other.
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