Bounce In Email Marketing Without Email Verification

One of the most important marketing strategies commonly used is email marketing. In addition to social media, it turns out that email marketing is the most effective strategy in attracting an audience because it is more personal. Email marketing within a company can help you recognize your audience more personally by providing the content they want, getting to know your audience better, and of course to increase engagement. However, without email verification service your email marketing strategy will have a low rate of success because it will have higher bounce rates.

What is the cause of bounce back emails? Bounce can occur “hard” or “soft”. Hard bounces occur when sending is made to invalid e-mail addresses, while soft bounces occur when e-mail servers encounter temporary issues, such as inboxes that have reached capacity. In the case of a soft bounce, sending will be made several times. Generally, soft bounce problems can be resolved and delivery is successful. However, when the soft bounce cannot be overcome, the status changes to a hard bounce. It is important to remember that only hard bounces count towards bounce rate statistics at the end of a campaign.

What is the healthy rate in bounce back? Bounce back emails are a natural part of sending emails. Research shows that mailing at least once a day can produce an average bounce of 0.3%. On the other hand, mailing that is done only once a month results in an average bounce back of up to 3.8%. The research also measures bounce rates in 33 different business fields. The fields with the highest bounce back rates are science and biotechnology (3.9%), IT services (2.3%), healthcare (2.2%), and legal services (2.2%). Whereas, the fields that had the lowest bounce back rates were deals and coupons (0.2%); computers, electronics, and software (0.4%); leisure, travel, and tourism (0.5%); marketing, advertising, and PR (0.5%); sports, fitness, and recreation (0.5%); and government and politics (0.5%). So make sure you use professional service to reduce the bounce of your email marketing.

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