Try These Workouts In A Month To Build Abdominal Muscles

Having an ideal body with formed abdominal muscles or what is commonly called a sixpack is everyone’s desire. Sixpack stomach is not obtained instantaneously, but it is necessary to do heavy exercises in the gym so that the abdominal muscles are visible. Muscle building supplements are also usually consumed to speed up muscle formation.

However, you do not need to worry because it can be done in just one month by doing five workout exercises. The five forms of workout exercises you can see the explanation and procedure below.

1. Crunch

Crunch is a workout exercise to form the muscles of the upper abdomen. This crunch is more focused on the breath and movement so that when we start doing crunch movements, the breath will be held and muscles begin to form.

2. Plank

Plank is a workout exercise that focuses on body balance by doing support on the arms and legs. Planking is considered capable of forming muscles in the body including the stomach.

3. Leg Raise

Leg raise is a workout exercise that focuses on the lower and middle abdominal muscles. The way to do this is to lie on the mat, lift your legs and position your feet to go up. Then lift your hips and do it like kicking. Perform this movement for 15x in 1x set in each exercise.

4. Flutter kick

Flutter kick is a workout exercise that can be done anywhere. Also, the movement of the flutter kick is very similar to the leg raise. The difference is that the flutter kick is carried out alternately, while the leg raise is done simultaneously.

5. Sit-ups

Sit-ups are one of the most common forms of workout used to form abdominal muscles. Do it several times within the desired time. Generally
15x at a time, but if you want maximum results can be done as much as possible and according to ability.

Well, that’s five workouts that can be done to build abdominal muscles. Not a month is enough to reach your ideal body?

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